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Hi Darren, the boys loved your session. Thanks.  I can hear Adam in the garden talking to his dad: ‘Darren said this, Darren said that…’ You make a big impression on these boys. 

                                                                                                   Adam and Bens Mum - Emma

Jacob was so buzzing after Sunday,

it's really great to see him improving.

Jacob won 6-1 and scored 2, his passing and dribbling were really good.

               Jacobs Dad - Elliott

Hi Darren, just wanted to message and thank you so much for tonight. 
Honestly such an incredible experience for the boys, so proud of them all! 
The difference between tonight & what we experienced last week is insane, the difference in how Rafe played surrounded by good players & with a supportive coach was incredible to watch. 
So just wanted to say an extra thank you, for showing Rafe how coaches should be! 
We are very grateful to have you coach our boy.

                                                                      Rafes Mum - Chloe

Thank you Coach. I really appreciate everything that you have done for me and even in a short time have learned so much from you. The small details really do make a difference so I am thankful for what I have learned and for the experience.

                                                      USA College Student - Nate

I just wanted to say that Kieran has been absolutely ecstatic to attend football each morning. Before we leave (even if you don't see it once he's there) and it's all down to YOUR amazing effort and input  into these young kids lives. He told me again tonight he does not want to go back to school, he "wants to spend his school days playing football with Darren". You have made a huge impact this week.

Thank you for what you do.

                                          Kierans Mum - Amanda

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